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We’re finally moved into our new house. We love it. It was very hard work, but we had a lot of help from family and friends. It’s amazing how much stuff I have that needed to be hauled into my studio! It became a joke with everyone about how much I had. They just don’t get it. This is our house our new house

It’s wonderful having a garage again. The 2 big windows upstairs on the right, are my studio windows. I can be in there at any time during the day and I don’t have to have any lights on. I love that! My sister and I organized it a bit to make room for my new A-1. We put most of the stuff in the guest room for now. We’ve kind of taken today off from all the work of moving. My sister and I went to the new IKEA in Portland. I love that store, it’s so fun to see all the organizational stuff and funky and fun furniture. Most of it is too contemporary for my house, but I love to see it all. Tomorrow we’ll be back at it, going through boxes and figuring out where we’re going to put everything. Boy, this place is a mess!

Comments on: "We’re all moved in" (5)

  1. carlafibers said:

    LOVE your new house!! How exciting to finally get settled.

    Ikea is a fun place to shop- I was thinking of re-doing my studio with their office furniture and for storage. I like their extra tall bookcases with doors on them.

    Anyhow, Congrats on your move! regards, Carla

  2. TeresaL said:

    Carie, so glad you are all moved in and to get to see a photo of your new home! I’ve never been to an Ikea yet…….but will have to break down and visit the new store soon as I keep hearing about how great some of their things are for organizing.

  3. hotquilts1 said:

    What a nice looking house and that studio area looks from the outside to be the perfect setup!

    I love Ikea for its organizational materials. (The furniture, however, reminds me of starting out stuff that young college students get, but I do like some of their desks and bookshelves for offices.) Love the small hat box type of storage containers they offer.

    When you get the A-1 all moved in, remember to post pics of the interior of the studio!


  4. Love your new house, Carie! I’m so glad you’re in, and I am looking forward to seeing you next week! Remember, I know what it’s like to move, and I don’t expect things to be in order. DO NOT knock yourself out for my visit. As long as we can get to the machine, we’ll be good!

  5. carieshields said:

    Thanks. I’m trying not to get too spastic over it. I get anxious when things are disorganized for too long. I’m working on it though. See you soon Lynn.

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