Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted to my blog. I guess I don’t have much to say. I’ve been extremely busy and pooped out. I’m taking this afternoon off and sewing for myself. I’ve gotten a couple of customer quilts done this week. dog-bones-and-hearts.jpgflowers-and-leaves.jpg. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re done. I had a going away party  on Friday, for someone I used to work with. It was bitter sweet. She’s a great lady and I’m going to miss her.

It started to rain this afternoon. Perfect for staying indoors and sewing. I’m working on a Tennessee Waltz quilt for my own bed. Can you believe a quilter doesn’t have her own bed quilt? I’d better get it going before I decide to change the colors in my room. quilt-fabrics.jpg The colors are a bit washed out in the photo. I’ve only gotten the million 4 patches done. I really hope to get this done before winter hits, as I’m going to use wool batting to keep us toasty warm. I’d better get busy and not waste my precious sewing time.

Have a great week.


Comments on: "Taking a day off" (5)

  1. The floral meander quilting is really pretty! Love the colors for your TW quilt. I’ve always liked the TW pattern. Glad you finally got some sewing therapy time!

  2. TeresaL said:

    Good for you on taking some time for yourself. I hope you get to do it again soon.

    I love the TW pattern and bet it will look nice in the fabrics you’ve chosen.

  3. A quilter who has no quilt on the bed? Imagine that! LOL. Tis what happens when you’re busy quilting for everybody else. I’m glad you took some time off for yourself! Now, what did you get done? Nothing like a little pressure, eh? 😉

  4. AllenQuilts said:

    No quilt for my bed, either, Carie. I have a queen size quilt I made laying on top of a store bought bed spread. I hope my starring log cabin turns out ok, as that is intended for my bed. Here’s to both of us having our own quilts on our own beds by the end of the year!

  5. carlafibers said:

    Carie, just wanted to let you know I liked your pretty quilting!

    Re: Blogs and posting. I have one friend who subscribes to the notion of guilt free postings. Go check out snickering licorice on my blogroll, I think you would love her philosophy!

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