Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I can see! Jim installed fluorescent lights over my longarm with color corrected bulbs. It’s so nice to be able to see. I’ve been machine quilting now for just over 2 years and lighting has always been an issue. This is so wonderful. I feel like I can see details. This should make it easier to see my mistakes and be able to pick them out. studio-lights.jpg He made me a template rack about a year ago, but never installed it. Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s now installed and my templates are on it. template-rack.jpg  I’m feeling a bit more organized now. I hung up some other stuff to get it off the floor and more accessable. Now I need to find a good spot for my bobbin winder.

I did get some time to piece today. I thought I was making good headway on my Tennessee Waltz. I need 200 star points, when I counted what I’ve gotten done so far, I’ve only got 80 done. I’m getting there…just very slowly.

I finished a customer quilt. She was commissioned to make a quilt using her friend’s deceased husband’s shirts. She did a great job. leaves.jpg I did some freehand leaves. I hope she likes it.

We helped my sister move into her condo yesterday. It’s her first home purchase. I’m very proud of her to be able to do this on her own. It’s a cute place and she’ll have it looking very homey in no time. She’ll have me beat for sure. I just wish it were closer to me!

I’m hoping to get my next quilt loaded tonight. I’ve got to try out those great lights!

Comments on: "Let there be light!" (4)

  1. TeresaL said:

    Carie, the template holder looks great (size and how well it holds your templates) and I love all the light above your machine! What a good man you have! 😀

    The freehand leaves are neat. I like how you made the jagged edge and made the leaf look like it is a little bit curled….clever and realistic! I hope I remember that as I practice with my doodle-pad.

    Hope work is going well……that life is allowing you enough quilting and creative time (I know it probably isn’t, but I do hope it for you—to happen SOON!) and congratulations to your sister on her new home!! That is wonderful and must be such a sense of accomplishment and pride for her (it would be for me :D) .

    Sending you my best!

  2. You had a very productive weekend! Good for you! Tell Jim that I need a template holder. You think he’ll take the hint? 😉
    Also, give Cindy a hearty hug from me for getting moved into her new home. Woohoo!

  3. carlafibers said:

    Dang! I just want to know how you keep your longarm studio so clean??? What is your secret?

  4. TeresaL said:

    I like your “Blogging without Obligation” and checked out the site, clever and such a great reminder.

    Hope the work day went by fast, easy, enjoyable and that the weekend will go by slow enough that you’ll have plenty of ‘you’ time.

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