Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

We got snow!

I know there are some parts of the country that are buried in snow, but we don’t get very much, so this is exciting. snow.jpg I grew up in Southern Calif. and we never got snow. I moved up to Oregon when I was almost 19 yrs old. I can remember seeing the snow fall for the first time. I was like a little kid, going outside in the middle of downtown Portland and just letting the snow fall on my face. I still feel like this when it snows now. I just love it, it makes me smile and giggle when I see it falling. On Saturday, I woke up to a dusting of snow, and it continued to snow all day. Every time I looked out a window, it made me feel happy. I don’t go out and make snowmen anymore, but I enjoy it just the same. As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I’m OK.

I was able to finish a customer quilt I have been working on all week. helens-quilting.jpg It’s a quilt made by a Fons & Porter kit. It’s a nice quilt, and I had fun quilting it, of course it took me longer to finish it than I expected. I’ve got to learn not to put that “little extra” in it, but I just can’t help myself. Anyway, it’s finished, and I’ll take a picture of the whole thing this week if I get home while it’s daylight.

I “watched” the Superbowl yesterday. I didn’t have a favorite commercial team. It seemed like a quiet game, at least it was between my dad and my husband. They did say it was a good game. Congratulations New York.

My local quilt shop had a Superbowl sale. I picked up a few things, and I may have picked up a new customer. It was fun to go while the shop was busy. It just adds to the excitement. I was good and only got what I had on my list. Now if I could just find the time to get my projects done.

Have a good week.


Comments on: "We got snow!" (3)

  1. Great quilting, Carie!! Love the little feather fronds in the CC!

  2. TeresaL said:

    Carie, I like the designs you came up with for this quilt. I think each of them, along with how they fill each of the areas, goes so well with each other.

    The snow missed us entirely which was a bit disappointing.

  3. carieshields said:

    Thank you for your comments. I’m anxious to hear what the customer says.

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