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I’m back

I came back from my quilt retreat with my friends. As always, we had a wonderful time. The group of us are good friends, and we sneak away to these retreats every 3 months. It really helps to connect with my friends like this. I truly cherish them all. I was pretty productive too. I got all the rows put together on my Tennessee Waltz quilt. tennessee-waltz.jpg It has dark purple, red and green. All I have to do is make the borders. I also made a lap quilt for my sister in law’s 50 birthday bears-quilt.jpg This was fun to make. I bought the kit on ebay, and it was an easy one. She’s still into tie dye, so when I saw this, I knew it was the right one for her.

I also finished a customer quilt I’ve been working on for a week. nedra-black-and-white.jpgnedra-borders.jpgnedra-feathers.jpg

I’m off to watch American Idol. Have a good week.


Comments on: "I’m back" (7)

  1. I’m glad you had such a great and productive time at your retreat! I can’t believe you go so much done! I love the Tennesee Waltz quilt for your bed, and that “tie dye” look is wild. Love what you did on the customer quilt too. I need to be that productive!

  2. carlafibers said:

    Wow!! You are quite the piecer!! Love the quilting on the bottom quilt! Looks stunning! Also can’t wait to see what you do with the top two quilts!

  3. Diane F said:

    Carrie, i am glad that you had a great retreat. the quilting is fabulous on the customer quilt!

  4. Carri – I love the quilting you did on the bottom quilt – absolutely beautiful!

  5. carlafibers said:

    So … who is your favorite idol??

  6. TeresaL said:

    Carie, you accomplished a lot!! Glad that it was another wonderful time with your friends. Your quilting looks so pretty on that quilt.

  7. carieshields said:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I appreciate it very much. It helps keep me going.

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