Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I loaded this quilt on my longarm machine a week ago. I came down with a nasty cold, and that put an end to thinking I was actually going to work on it. By this weekend, I started to feel better, so I got going on it and just finished it this afternoon. I met this lady by chance in my local quilt shop. I just happened to be in there when she came in and was asking the employee about getting this top she had quilted. Her sister made the top and gave it to her to get it finished. This lady didn’t know anything about quilting. We helped her pick out a backing fabric and we talked a little about what she would want. Since she had no experience with any quilts, she had no idea of what she wanted. I got out of her that she didn’t want anything swirly, curly or cute. I decided to go with the design in the pansy fabric and quilted all over with pansies and leaves. I’m waiting to hear back from her so we can meet and I can get this to her. It was a fun quilt to work on, I think because it was purple. You can’t go wrong there. Enjoy the pictures. pansy-quilt.jpgback-pansy.jpgcloseup-pansy.jpg The light purple background is a shiny fairy frost fabric.


Comments on: "The week long quilt" (4)

  1. The stitching is lovely, not sure how I feel about the frosted fabric……

  2. carlafibers said:

    I love quilting the frosted fabrics… my machine loves the stuff!!

    I think your pansies came out wonderfully!! I really mean it, draw it up and submit it if you designed it!

  3. TeresaL said:

    I bet she’ll love it. I hope you feel better this morning.

  4. Carie, I think your quilting is perfect! I actually used these fabrics, except for the yellow, in a quilt for my niece. You did a wonderful job, as usual!

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