Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

My son, Robert, graduated from high school on Friday night. We are very proud of him . It was a cool and rainy night, but it stopped raining long enough for the ceremony. Yesterday we had a BBQ with the whole family, and a few friends. I had 25 people here and we had a great time.  Jim (right), and our friend Dan were boxing on the new Wii I got for myself for my birthday. I’ve gotten to play it a little bit. It’s fun to play and also fun to watch other people play. My sister-in-law made this very creative sign using candy as some of the words. Hopefully you can read most of this.Very clever! These are two of my nieces  Beautiful girls!  I got to see my aunt (right), who I don’t get to see often enough. Here she is with my mom (left). I’m looking more and more like my mom everyday.  I guess all this partying was too much for my dad.

Today I get to clean up from the party. Cindy is taking me to go see the Sex In The City movie this afternoon, for my birthday. My birthday is on Wed., and I’m hoping Jim will take me out to dinner.


Comments on: "My baby graduated" (3)

  1. TeresaL said:

    Congratulations to your son!

    It looks like the Wii was a hit and that all at your party were enjoying being together.

    Your sister’s candy poster was clever!

    I hope you have a very fun birthday week!

  2. Look at that handsome young man! No, I don’t mean Jim! 😉 That’s a very nice picture of you guys, and Robert’s eyes are showing! Congratulations to all of you, Carie! I also like the candy gram. What a fun way to say something!

    I think your mom is absolutely adorable! Looking like her is a good thing!

  3. carlafibers said:

    Congrats to your son and the whole family!! This is a terrific milestone for him. Love the pictures, especially the one of the three of you- you all look so happy!!

    Another wii fan! LOL And the candy-gram is a hoot! Happy Birthday week! How did you like the SITC movie?

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