Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

July 2, 2008

After working on 2 boring quilts, (see previous posts regarding the Criss Angel quilts), I got to work on a pretty quilt with beautiful purples and greens. I was so very ready to do some feathers and and work with pretty colors. I just finished it today and I’m pleased with how it turned out, as well as the creative process.  I bought a new MP3 player to download audio books onto. I downloaded the latest Jennifer Chiaverini book, “Winding Ways”. It was a good way to quilt, listening to a quilty story. I’m going to try to broaden my “reading” by getting lost in audio books. I love the Janet Evanovichbooks, but I’ve read them out of order and I can’t remember which one’s I’ve read.  I also love a good romance, drama like Sandra Brown writes. What authors do you like and would suggest?

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  1. TeresaL said:

    Carie, a beautiful quilt and quilting!!

    Julie Garwood is an author that use to write historical romances and was my favorite author for quite a few years. Her writing style, in her earlier books, was wonderful. While reading, I’d start laughing so hard that I’d have to stop reading and close the book until I could compose myself. I eagerly awaited each of her new books and kept them so I could read them over and over. They are a bit ‘lusty’ which might offend some who don’t like that in a book. She moved on from the historical romance/comedy into some murder mystery type of books which I have not been fond of…..but the earlier books–yes, great reading fun.

  2. Beautiful quilting! I really love your feathers in the white border – lovely!

  3. What lovely, joyous quilting

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