Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

We’re almost here. We’re leaving tomorrow morning. We’ve packed the suitcases, we’ve brought everything we can imagine we may need, and we’re so very ready to be on vacation. In a few days we’ll be in Alaska. I’m very ready to be pampered and spoiled.

Yesterday I spent the day with Cindy and my mom. We headed for the coast, and it was a lot of fun. We did some shopping, of course I had to hit the quilt shop in Cannon Beach. We walked a long way on the beach and just had a wonderful day. When we got home we went to see the movie, “Momma Mia”. The three of us saw the play a few years ago and we just loved it. The review in the paper wasn’t very good, so we were a bit worried. But I have to tell you, we loved the movie too. It was a packed theater and everyone was singing and clapping along. It was really fun. Our only issue was with Pierce Brosnan, he was horrible. But if you’re looking for a fun, cheeky, chick flick, go see it.

Have a good week, and I’ll post some pics when I get back.


Comments on: "Cruisin’ to Alaska" (3)

  1. I’m so jealous! Have a wonderful time, Carie!

  2. TeresaL said:

    I hope the trip and vacation is a wonderful one!

  3. carlafibers said:

    Have a blast, Carie!! Take lots of pics to share!

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