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We got home yesterday from our trip to Alaska. What a beautiful place. I highly recommend the patch for sea sickness! We had several days of rockin’ and rollin’ and I didn’t have an upset stomach at all. The weather was cold and rainy the whole time we were there. It was beautiful and sunny when we left Seattle,, and that was the last blue sky we saw until today. Our first stop was Glacier Bay. What an awesome place! We got to see this glacier calve and it was incredible. Calving is when a big chuck breaks away and falls into the ocean. This glacier is 250′ above the water.  It was even marked with my initial. What a wonderful experience it was to witness this. When we got into Juneau, we took a helicopter ride to see more glaciers, and we even landed on one and got to walk around. I’m terrified of flying, but this was incredible. It’s hard to see and describe the color of blue you see on the glaciers. It’s breathtaking. We then moved onto Sitka where we went kayaking. It  stopped raining for our little excursion, and we could even see a grizzly bear with her cubs in the tall grass. See that brown spot in the grass?  That’s her. Next stop was Ketchikan. We were only there for a half a day, and we went on a wild ride on old logging roads. I didn’t realize that when you see a big pot hole in the road you’re supposed to speed up and aim for it. I’ve got bruises on my shoulders from the seatbelt straps from bouncing around. I think Jim enjoyed this a bit more than I did. Our last stop was in Victoria, Canada. We went on a whale watching trip and got to follow a pod of Orca whales as they moved out to sea. They were all around us and they were breaching, (jumping out of the water). I didn’t get any pictures because it was hard to know where they were going to come up and the sea was pretty rough.

We had a fun time, and we’re happy to be home. It was nice to see blue sky today. We didn’t let the cold, wet weather effect us, we’re Oregonians!

I’ll post some pictures of our time on the ship tomorrow.


Comments on: "We’re Baaaaack!" (4)

  1. What beautiful country! I hope to get there some day. I’m glad you had a good time Carie. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’d love to see more.

  2. Oh my………What a wonderful trip! I have always wanted to go to Alaska………now I know why!

  3. TeresaL said:

    Great that the patch worked and you didn’t get sick from all the motion during the trip. I’m glad you enjoyed the helicopter ride!

    The photos are beautiful!

  4. I’m glad you’re home and that you had a beautiful trip! My SIL lives in Juneau, and one of these days we’ll visit. Love the pictures!

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