Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

My husband Jim, my sister Cindy and I went to Seattle for the quilt show. My little quilt didn’t win any ribbons, as I had expected, but it was up against this… It’s made by Sherry Rogers-Harrison and it was stunning, definitely deserving of the blue ribbon. This was the Best in Show quilt… It was absolutely beautiful. I’ve got more pictures in my Webshots album. I didn’t take pictures of all 290 quilts that were there, but the ones that inspired me, either by color or design or both.

After the show we walked around downtown. Cindy got a coffee and look what was in the froth… We see a quilting desing, the barista thought she was nuts. We had a blast going through Pike St Market.   When we were ready to make the trek back to the car it started to rain, then rain a little harder, and then harder still. Cindy and I brought our jackets, but Jim wasn’t so prepared. It started raining so hard we had to duck under some scaffolding. It made a car’s alarm go off. All we could do was laugh with the other people who had the same idea of taking cover. Jim was soaked through to the skin. It was fun and got us all laughing. What a fun weekend.


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