Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

While reading Suzanne’s blog, I realized that I haven’t changed the format or header of this blog in a long time. What do you think? I think I need to make some of my own quilts to show in the header. The one you see here, is a feathered star block I made while having some “me” time. I’m not sure what it’s going to become.

Are you watching the Olympics? I have, but I’m disappointed that they don’t start showing the stuff that I want to watch until way late. Who stays up until midnight during the week? (Lynn, no need to comment). And what about the outfits they make some of them wear. I’ve watched some of the beach vollyball and the women wear a thong and a bra, the guys wear shorts down to their knees and a tank top. Somehow I feel like it’s a bit sexist. China has put on a fabulous show and it’s been fun to watch.


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  1. Watching beach volleyball last night I commented about the attire to my husband, too. Seems like the men and women ought to be in the same outfits.

    And the timing seems weird to me too. It’s not like it’s live, they could show it at whatever time they wanted! I missed the men’s gymnastics and barely stayed awake last night.

    Oh well, at least I got to watch Phelps again…….

  2. What bugs me is when the commentators go on and on about how they are “Going LIVE to the swimming events for Phelps latest gold run…” and you know from the internet that isn’t true, the event happened 2-3 hours ago. Obviously a tape delay …. but tell us that!

    Luckily, the women volleyball players are not endowed at all- other wise their job would be most uncomfortable.

  3. Actually, with the help of Ambien, I’ve been going to bed a lot earlier! This schedule has been killing me too! I keep saying about the women, “they have no boobs!” I’m really ticked about the outcome of the individual vault competition. The Chinese gymnist fell to her hands and knees and still took the gold? There’s something wrong with that!

  4. TeresaL said:

    Carie, just noticed your new ‘look’ and although I like it, I miss that beautiful photo you had up of your wholecloth quilt (I love that quilt! 🙂 ).

    Also noticed that you are getting close to 10,000 hits!

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