Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

This is a customer quilt for someone who’s not afraid of color.  She says that her house is orange with a green roof, she lives on a floating home. That backing fabric was beautiful and bright but it came out faded in the pictures.

I’ve got one of my own quilts on my machine to do next. I’ll get started today, after I go to Les Schwab to get our truck tires fixed. Oh fun! Maybe I’ll have to drop by the quilt shop….

I’d better get going.

Comments on: "Here’s a bright one" (4)

  1. Those colors go perfectly with my house! How ’bout you just ship that quilt on down to me?

  2. carieshields said:

    I’ll get right on that Lynn. I’m sure my customer won’t mind.

  3. No, I want it!!! Lynn has WAAYYY too many quilts to get one more! LOL

    I love bright quilts, and of course, love your quilting!

  4. TeresaL said:

    That quilt looks bright and cheery—what a lift to the spirits it would be along with brightening up a room. Nice quilting!

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