Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I made my first art quilt today. It’s a small one, only 8×11″, but it was fun to do, and I got instant gratification by moving from step to step pretty quickly. I should have been working on a customer quilt, but I needed to get these ideas out of my head. I used the fabric I painted last week.  Here’s the story. In my guild, there’s a group called, “The Novel Quilters”. They read a book, I’m not sure who picks it, then they each make a quilt interpreting the book. They’ve made some very creative quilts, and I’m always impressed. I thought if I joined this group it would have a couple of effects on me. It would make me read, (I never sit long enough to get into a book), and it would stretch me artistically. The book this time around was, “The Book of Bright Ideas”, by Sandra Kring. I thought this would be a great summer read, as it is a light story told through the eyes of a 9 yr. old girl. I did enjoy reading it, even though it took me all summer. The story is about how the girl leads a very strict, boring, un-affectionate life. I represented this by the bottom greyish colors, (they look purple in the picture, but they’re really more grey) and straight lines of the quilting. Then another 9 yr old girl moves into town with her wild older sister. The two of them bring life and color into the lives of those they meet. This is represented by the flower and bright colors. The dull characters in the story start to blossom, and change.

I’m glad I made a small one, so I didn’t get too frustrated or bored with it. Making this was very therapeutic and freeing, and it’s made me want to try to do some more.

I found out tonight that I don’t have to have this done until the November meeting. I guess I’m a bit ahead of the game, huh?


Comments on: "My first art quilt" (1)

  1. TeresaL said:

    I enjoyed seeing this, learning how you came up with the idea for the design and what it signifies. Your dyed fabrics look great, too.

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