Longarm quilting and snippets of my life


Cindy and I had a wonderful time camping this week. We went to Silver Falls State Park, just east of Salem. It was beautiful, and the campground was practically empty, which made it nice and quiet. We brought a TV and DVD player, (we were camping in a trailer). I’ve never had a TV while camping, but it was really nice. We rented the whole first season of the TV show, “Heroes”. It was fun to watch the whole thing without commercials.

 We did manage to go for a hike and saw a couple of the many waterfalls. This is the top of South Falls and here’s the falls  and me with my dog Rex   (Yes, this is what I look like with no makeup and no shower) We were only allowed to take our dogs on a couple of the trails  but it was beautiful on the trails we were allowed on  

We did finish the DVD series, and I got started on knitting some socks. It’s a good thing Cindy loves me, because I was having some difficulty getting started, and I needed her help a lot. I’ve only got about 1″ of the top of 1 sock done. I’m slow and I had to rip it out several times but I’ll keep at it and I’ll take a picture tomorrow. I’ll also try to get a picture of some of the quilt I’m working on. You can’t see the quilting too much yet, and it’s boring so far, but I’ll show you anyway.

Have a good weekend.

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