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Sept. 29, 2008

Well, we lost the Wii bowling match over the weekend, but we had a good time. It’s our turn to host the next game, this is going to get competitive!

Jim and I had a wonderful day yesterday. It was one of those days that was very spontaneous, and it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day on top of it. We headed out to go kayaking on a lake in Washington that we’ve wanted to try, Lake Merwin. When we got there, it was way too windy to try to paddle. So, we quickly decided to just keep driving and take the opportunity to investigate the area and enjoy the scenery. We drove for 9 hours, up and down gravel roads, way up into the mountains, all around Mt. St. Helens, and home through the scenic Columbia River Gorge. I didn’t have my camera, because we were supposed to be kayaking and water and cameras don’t mix. I did take some pictures with my cell phone. They don’t show the beauty of it all, but you’ll get the general idea.   


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  1. Pretty pics!! Yes, I love my Wii, too!

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