Longarm quilting and snippets of my life


I finally finished quilting my king sized Tennessee Waltz quilt for my bed.  It feels really good to get it this far. Now I have to apply the million feet of binding  Oh fun!

Something else that has been happening around here is that our son Robert moved out into an apartment with a friend. He’s 18, and it’s normal for this phase in his life, but it’s been very hard on me. On the positive, his room is clean  I think I’d rather have the mess. I miss him. I did talk with him last night for a couple of minutes, and he sounds good. It feels very empty in this big ol’ house. But now I can listen to my music loud and sing along as loud as I want, and no one is complaining. Maybe it’s a good thing that my dog is deaf!

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  1. TeresaL said:

    Congratulations on finishing the quilting! The binding won’t be so bad (I like doing bindings so it is easy for me to say that). Just think how nice it will be to have the entire project behind you.

    Neat that you got to have a chat with your son….hope he is enjoying his new apartment….it isn’t easy when they leave the nest, but you are a great mom for allowing him his wings.

    Keep smiling and laughing.

  2. That looks like a darned good potential fabric storage facility that you’ve got there!

  3. That’s so funny. Normally it’s the parents complaining about the kids making a noise.
    I have an empty house too, my DD went of to university last year. You do get used to it and when they come home, you actually look forward to them going off again. (you might not believe this now, but it’s true, trust me I’m a quilter).

  4. Sharon said:

    When my first one moved out it was very hard but it got easier till the baby moved. Then I bawled like a baby.
    Is the motive you put on the quilt a stencil or did you do it freehand? I have 2 king size dwr’s coming up and would love to use it on those.

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