Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I can tell that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, because WordPress has changed everything around. Do you like the snow? I saw it on Lynn’s Blog , and I loved it. It’s probably the only snow Lynn will see falling around her, since she lives in a warm climate. We may see some this weekend, here in Oregon.

I haven’t been doing anything too exciting to write about lately. This weekend we went out and cut our Christmas tree. It took us all of 3 min. to find it, cut it, and load it. We’re easy customers. It’s not up yet, but the garage smells good! It was a beautiful evening and the sunset was gorgeous.sunset-in-deer-island. This picture is what I used for my new header.Yesterday I got started on my nieces Christmas present. I was talking with my sister, Cindy, and she suggested that I make her a wall hanging. Sure, why not? What else am I going to give a 17 yr. old girl? Luckily, I had bought this fabric on my way home from quilt camp jane-sassaman-fabric. This is way out of the box for me. I don’t know why it called to me, but it wouldn’t let me out of the store until I bought a couple of yards and took it home. I knew I wanted to do something funky with it, but I wasn’t sure what that was, until the wall hanging suggestion. I decided to use the technique from this book one-block-wonder-bookI cut all my triangles, stacks-of-triangles I got my hexagons made and up on my design wall. katelyns-obw-layout I’ve got most of my rows sewn now, so I really do think I’ll manage to get this done for Christmas. I’m most of the way through with my last customer Christmas quilt. So I’d better get at it. Have a good week.

Why can’t you click on the pictures anymore???????

Comments on: "Long time, no see" (3)

  1. Exactly why I wanted the snow to fall on my blog! LOL! There was an actual report on the news tonight, that somewhere in Bakersfield, it snowed a teensy bit today! I don’t believe it, though!

    I love that fabric, and I think your OBW is going to be fabulous! I’m wondering about why you can’t enlarge your pictures, so I’m going to take a guess. When you uploaded them, did you choose “Thumbnail” on the size? Figure it out, ‘cuz I want to see!

  2. carie said:

    Lynn, this fabric is so you! I’ve messed around a bit and still can’t seem to get the picture thing figured out. So I just made them bigger. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to hear them.

  3. Carie,
    I love the wall hanging. It turned out sooooo cool. Katelyn will love it. I can’t wait to see how mine might turn out. Hint hint nudge nudge…
    I love the snow too, very fun. I saw that sunset the other night and was oohing and aahing over it. Funny how we both saw it and were miles apart.
    Great Job

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