Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

It’s been snowing all week, with only a couple of days where the temp got above freezing. This is what it looked like this morning when Rex went out to do his business.rex-in-the-snow This is our Curly Willow treecurly-willow The birds have nearly eaten all the suet, and I’ve caught dear old Rex, eating  cleaning up the droppingsrex He thinks I can’t see him. Jim is on his way home from NY as I type.  He’ll be home around midnight, then he has the task of driving home in the ice/snow. He’s driving our big 4×4 truck and he has chains if he needs them. I’ll feel better when he’s home, safe and sound. It’s been a bit lonely here without him. I haven’t gone anywhere  or seen anyone in days, and I think I’m getting a little cabin fever. We’re supposed to get hit with a really big storm this weekend on top of what we’ve had all week. I really need to get some groceries if I’m going to be stuck for another week. My poor sister is a UPS driver and she’s not expecting to get off her route until 11:00 tonight. That’s just nuts. I can’t imagine needing a package that bad. I feel bad for her. That really sucks!

I’ve been working on a customer’s quiltps-quilt I’m stuck on what I’m going to do in the bright pink. Everything else is either quilted or I’ve got a plan. I’ve also been working on some Christmas presents. I can’t show pics yet, because I don’t want the recipients to get a sneak peek.

Please be safe and have a joyous Christmas.


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