Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

Man, have we been hammered with snow. This is the most this area has gotten since 1968. snowy-front-yardbackyard  Do you like my ice sculpture? abstract-ice-sculptureRex is having a hard time finding  just the right spot to do his business. He knows there’s grass out there somewhere. theres-grass-out-there1 I think I will be giving some IOU’s for Christmas since I haven’t been able to get out. Jim cleared my driveway, but the street still has at least a foot of snow.

I finished my nieces wallhanging.katelyns-quilt Cindy, my sister, put some bling on it, which looks fabulous. There are beads at every intersection block-bling and these cute little stars in the border border-bling back-of-katelyns-quiltI love this little quilt and I’m sure she will too.

Are you ready for Christmas?


Comments on: "Oh the weather outside is frightful…" (3)

  1. Carie,
    Rex looks confused! Love the OBW

  2. I love the OBW! Reading about you and Cindy both working on it, makes me wish I could come for a visit! Dang it anyway! I’d love to come and quilt while looking out at the snow.

  3. carie said:

    My niece loved the quilt. And the snow is finally starting to melt, and things are getting back to normal.

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