Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

Work in progress

 This is what I’m working on this week, and into next week.wip  wip-21  I’m alternating diamond crosshatching with feathers. I’ll have to come back and stitch in the applique where the customer has already marked it with a pencil (yuck), and fill in the background around the applique in the border. This is very time consuming, but I think the end result will look fabulous.

We’re going to see “Wicked” tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been to any live performance in a long time. I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend.


Comments on: "Work in progress" (7)

  1. TeresaL said:


  2. Holy moly, Carie! How’d you get all that done? It’s beautiful! I hope you have a lovely time at the performance!

  3. Carie, I’ve just discovered your blog, and must say I think your quilting is amazing!

    Thank you for stopping by Dorothy.

  4. Carrie… that’s beautiful!!!

  5. carie said:

    Thank you, I didn’t feel motivated to work on it today. I hope to get more done tomorrow.

  6. Stunning, as always!!! Love your quilting, Carie!

  7. Simply beautiful! Really yummy!

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