Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

trailJim and I went on a hike/walk in the coast range. We went for about 8 1/2 miles. It was a beautiful day, with only one rain shower. If you look closely you may see the deer next to the trees in this next picture. deer in the trees Millie got tired after about 5 miles, can you blame her? She got a ride for a little while, which she didn’t seem to mind a bit! tired millie This little maple tree is trying to find the sun. It only had these leaves on the top and they turned toward me right when I was taking my camera out. maple leaves

We made the most of the day. Today is James’ birthday, he would have been 23. It was a tough day, but we had fun taking this time in the woods.

Does anyone know how to make the pictures enlarge. I used to be able to do it, and now it’s doing something funky. I would appreciate any assistance.

Comments on: "Happy Father’s day" (3)

  1. runandsewquilts said:

    I just love the moss covered trees we have here in Oregon and am glad you got out into our lovely forests this weekend!

  2. Sending hugs, I know how hard it is to celebrate a birthday of a loved Son who has passed, I am glad to see you made the best of it….

  3. Carie – a hard day here too. Although I will never (thankfully) know the pain of losing a child, I lost my parents when I was only 12. I’ve always thought Mother’s Day was the hardest, but on Sunday morning, I looked at my dad’s picture, wished him a happy Father’s day, and that started a flood of tears that had trouble shutting off all day. We do the best we can and go on. I’m glad you got to be out in the beauty of nature to help you cope.

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