Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

1st dyeing This is my first attempt at dyeing my own fabric. The bottom row are the primary colors; yellow, turquoise, fuchsia. The top row are mixed; green, purple, orange. They’re marinating now and I’m hoping to get them rinsed, washed, dried and ironed tonight. I can see where this could get addicting. I don’t really have a good space to do this, I was trying to do it on the side yard, and it’s a bit windy today. I have some colorful concrete, and a colorful hand, (my glove sprung a leak) I might play some more with mixing colors tomorrow.

I can’t seem to get rid of this headache that I’ve had for the past couple of weeks. It’s tension based, and I think I just need a good massage. I happen to know someone, I think I need to give her a call.

It’s supposed to be hot here this weekend, around 85. Good weather for dyeing, don’t you think?

Comments on: "My first dyeing attempt" (3)

  1. looking good Carie! And watch out, it is VERY addicting!

  2. Addicting is an understatement! I was FORCED into my first dye session by my best friend. Guess who now has a dedicated dye studio, dyes one day a week and jsut started selling hand dyed fabrics? Not my friend! LOL!

  3. TeresaL said:

    Beautiful colors! Did they turn out as vibrant as they look in the dye bath?

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