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Winding Ways

I finished this customer’s quilt yesterday. One of the names of this pattern is “Winding Ways”. It took a looong time to quilt, even though it looks sort of simple. Many, many, many starts and stops to tie off and bury, and a lot of different colors, 13 different colors to be exact. I think I like the back the best, even though the front is beautiful. winding waysred cornerblue cornerback

Check this one off my list, on to the next one. I’m going to have a sew day with my friends tomorrow. It’s been really hot here, 90+, I’m hoping the church we’re sewing in tomorrow is air conditioned or at least has a few fans.

Comments on: "Winding Ways" (11)

  1. I think you did a fabulous job on this quilt, Carie! Awesome creativity that perfectly suits the quilt!

  2. Gorgeous quilt! I love how you quilted it. That is a lot of thread changes.

  3. Fabulous Carie! Your border design is great!

  4. I love what you did on this quilt! That border is awesome.

  5. TeresaL said:

    I like it, especially the border quilting!

  6. I Love it Carie!!! Your quilting is perfect!

  7. carie said:

    Thank you everyone. I love to do different things on quilts, so I don’t get stale. I’m anxious for my customer to see it.

  8. That looks awesome! Great job, Carie!

  9. That is my favorite quilt you have done!! I love that pattern and colors! Of course, the quilting is spectacular as always!

  10. runandsewquilts said:

    Absolutely outstanding ~~ as usual!

  11. Abolutely stunning! The border design you used really complements the quilt.

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