Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

Last week, here in Oregon, we had a major heat wave. Now it’s raining. I tried to take Millie for a walk between showers, but we didn’t make it very far before the skies opened up. Needless to say, we got totally soaked. wet millie She’s not a happy camper, she really doesn’t like the rain. We were ducking under the neighbor’s porches, until it would let up a little and as soon as we made a break for it, it would start dumping again. It was quite hysterical actually.

I quilted this cute sampler quilt this week. It was a good exercise on keeping it simple. My customer didn’t want just an all over design, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it either. So I KISS-ed it (Keep It Simple Stupid). I like the way it turned out and I know she will too. sampler 1 sampler 2 border back 1 back 2 Lynn’s style was inspirational for me while doing this quilt, even though she didn’t know it. Next in line is a Quilt of Valor quilt.


Comments on: "Where’d this rain come from?" (4)

  1. Your quilting is lovely!
    Thank you Vicki

  2. As always, it’s a pleasure to see your work!

    Nope… Millie doesn’t look to happy. Waco doesn’t mind walking in the rain too much. As long as it not a monsoon. LOL
    Luckily she’s forgiven me.

  3. My kind of quilting, Carie! Freehand and FAST! Yet so pretty!!

    Thanks Terri, you’re a pro at this type of quilting. You do beautiful work.

  4. Thanks for the nod, Carie! Great ideas for a quilt I have coming up, too! As always, I love looking at your work. Your customers are lucky to have you quilt for them!

    Poor Millie looks plum pitiful!

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