Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I’m lucky enough to be heading out tomorrow for my quarterly retreat with my wonderful friends. I’m bringing along probably way too many projects, one of which will be with these fun fabrics. Folklorica I’m excited to work with these, they make me happy. I started my Christmas redwork project and I’ve gotten a couple of little blocks done. redwork So cute!

My sister, Cindy, had a great idea about using old spice racks as thread racks. I bought these at my local thrift shop, for a couple of bucks a piece, and painted them red. I have a bunch of spools of Essentials thread that fit in there perfectly.new thread racks And they really brighten up my sewing area. I really like how they turned out. While Cindy was here recovering from her surgery, she made labels for each of them, so I know what the color names are. I love organization! She’s so darned creative and always thinking outside the box. I’m so lucky. This thread is good for the crafty type projects and it’s great to have so many colors to choose from.

Well, I’d better start getting my stuff together. Hopefully I’ll have some completed projects to share when I get back.

Is anyone else noticing a lot of red and bright colors in my palette lately???

Comments on: "On the road again…" (1)

  1. LUV LUV LUV the way those racks turned out. I can’t wait to be able to paint mine.

    Watcha gonna do with those cute, bright, adorable, charming fabrics anyway?

    Have a blast at the coast this weekend. You better bring a flash light. The storms are a comin’ Be safe.

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