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Christmas Decor

OK, so here’s how I’ve decorated so far. I don’t get all crazy about decorating for Christmas. I don’t see the point. It’s just more crap to store, dust, then put away. But I’m going to try my best. I swear I must have been adopted, because my mom has always decorated, and very nicely I might add. My sister decorates and even my brother gets into it. I just got the prematurely gray gene. Oh well, I roll with it. Happy decorating!


Comments on: "Christmas Decor" (5)

  1. This looks like my kind of decorating!

  2. BAH HUM BUG!!! I will put up enough “crap” for the both of us this year. I am going to try and enjoy it the most I can while I get this time off. I don’t miss the 14 hour days.

    Do you have your Christmas music on? I have put 6 discs in my car and I have it on random. FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!

  3. HA!!!! I’m not the only one. I stopped decorating for Christmas when I had cats… I got tired of redoing the tree twice or more time a day. I don’t have kids, and no parties at our house, so why decorate! I may put lights in my palm tree, but thats about it…

  4. Christine Olson said:

    LOL! Good for you! I wish I could get away with this. Unfortunately, I spoiled the kids with decorations for every holiday around here. They went into withdrawal when Halloween came around this year and I did not take out ANY of the decorations. (Hey, we were reflooring the music room and I wasn’t going to decorate around the mess this project had spread through the house.) I will give in and do Xmas, however. Sigh…

  5. carie said:

    I love that I’m not alone. Thanks you guys for the support 🙂

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