Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I had a wonderful time visiting Lynn. She is such a gracious hostess and a great friend. We went to Road 2 Ca. quilt show which was so much fun. Lynn even made me buy some beautiful red batiks without any purpose for them. She’s so cruel! I bought them just because they were so purdy. I also bought a fat quarter pack and pattern. I was able to make the top while I was with Lynn, and I quilted it as soon as I got back. This will hang in our guest room.

I worked really hard right before I left to get a customer quilt done, and she was thrilled with it when she picked it up.

I’ve enjoyed some nice weather. I had my fur-nephew, Henry, over for a couple of days. We took some nice long walks. Millie loves being with Henry. Isn’t she just the cutest? She’s wearing her winter coat, because she hates wearing a man-made one. Of course, after a long walk, it’s necessary to take a nap.


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  1. Henry has been pouting since you brought him home. He loves his Auntie and Cuz.
    Thanks for taking great care of him.

  2. I loved having you here so much! I miss you something terrible! I love the way you quilted your quilt, and I’m glad you are going to hang it in my room. I will sleep under it at some point this year! Henry and Millie are an adorable pair!

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