Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

We’ve had the most unusual weather her in the Portland area. On Monday it was so warm and sunny It was so warm in my studio (the temp listed on the top), I had the windows open. It’s February for pete’s sake! Millie really enjoyed getting her dose of vitamin D Then the next day, it was cold and rainy Where’d the sun go? It will be back…sometime in March. I finished quilting this beautiful spiral lone star quilt for a customer. Today I’m starting on a quilt for my local quilt shop Fibers & Stitches. It’s another rainy day, but that’s OK. It keeps me more focused on my work instead of being drawn to the sunshine. Although my little furry friend here doesn’t think it’s so cool.

Comments on: "What a difference a day makes" (4)

  1. Ooo! I love the ba-bump petal you put in between the spikes! May I pop that in my “inspiration” file?

    Thanks Terri, of course you can use the design. It’s not an original design. In fact, is anything original anymore?

  2. OMG those are the cutest pictures of my niece. I have to steal those. Oh yeah and the quilt is beautiful. Congrats for getting that one done.

  3. I think we have pretty much the same weather here as you do… Yep, it was so nice and warm the other day I didn’t even start a fire.

    Got the fire going today, and Jack is camped right in front of it…VBG

    Millie loves the fire too.

  4. oopps… forgot to say Your quilting is beautful!

    Thanks Kim.

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