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Catching up

I had a great time at my retreat. I always do. It’s much-needed girl time, for all of us. I laughed a lot and ate too much. I was introduced to the coconut covered cashew nuts that they have at Costco. I-must-stay-away-from-these! Oh my, those are so yummy! Anyway, this is what I worked on… this is will be a Jelly Roll quilt. I had a some problems following directions, and I was making it the hard way. I got frustrated, so this is how far I got. I started pressing some of these blocks today, I WILL get this finished. I did manage to get this top almost finished. I ran out of border fabric for one border. And yes, I have to fix one of the leaves. Again, I was having difficulty following directions. It’s frustrating, but sometimes it’s how things work.  This will be a charity quilt. It’s a kit I bought through Connecting Threads. It will be a cute kid’s quilt. You’ll just have to wait to see what these messes turn into. I know, the suspense will be unbearable!

Well, back to pressing.


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  1. ooohhhhhh…..

    where’dcha get that pear tree pattern???

    i need it! me and my fiance’s wedding theme is gonna be the perfect pear….


    Shannon, It’s a pattern from Nancy Halverson called, “In a Pear Tree” It’s shown as a Christmas themed quilt with the 12 days of Christmas. I chose to have it be plain ol’ pears.

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