Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I’ve been busy

I did finish the charity quilt I started at the retreat. It was fast and easy, and I think it’s cute. Now it’s in line to get quilted. I also made a portrait quilt using Maria Elkin’s technique. It’s  my son  James, 8×10, and it too, needs to be quilted. I enjoyed the process and I’m ready to do another one. I have all kinds of ideas using this technique. Robert’s portrait is next, and I’m planning on getting to that this weekend. We’re heading out to go camping ( I use that term loosely), so that will give me good amounts of uninterrupted time. I’m also going to work on getting some applique pieces ready for a little project I want to start. I’ve only appliqued a few small pieces, but I want to do something a little bigger. I got the book, “Applique Outside the Lines” It’s got some really cute, funky  patterns in it, and I’m going to try one of them. We’ll see how it goes, no promises.

I’ve been enjoying the return of the wildlife in the area I walk. The geese are coming back. This heron was hoping I wasn’t going to notice it and it didn’t like the fact that I stopped to take it’s picture These are huge birds, and they sound all cranky when you disturb them. This nutria was hanging out and didn’t seem to care that I was watching I kept Millie close when I saw this hawk watching us I’m sure Millie would make a delicious meal, but she’s all mine and he can’t have her!

I’m going to put some finishing touches on a customer quilt then I’ve got to get packed for the weekend. It’s supposed to be another nice weekend here in Portland. Have a good one!


Comments on: "I’ve been busy" (2)

  1. Beautiful work Carie…all of it!

  2. Ditto what Deb said! Love that quilting!

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