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Chasing my tail

Today has been one of those days. After meeting with a new client this morning, I thought I would get started on my guild’s raffle quilt. Start measuring, and it’s way bigger than I expected. There’s wavy borders (oh fun!) and to top it off, the backing is too small. Called the person in charge, she’s going to the quilt shop to buy some more and will leave it there for me since I was heading into town anyway. That’s OK, I’ll just start on the next client quilt, the raffle quilt will have to just wait. THAT backing is too small. At this point I’m really feeling like banging my head against the wall. I’ve been busy, with nothing to show for it. Call the client, no answer, make and executive decision to cut fabric from the length of the back and piece it to the sides and get on with it. I’m feeling a bit cranky, partly because the time change has left me feeling very tired, and partly because it feels like nothing went right today. <sigh> Tomorrow will be another day, and I get a “do over”

I finished my little quilt for my book club. We read “Prodigal Summer” by, Barbara Kingsolver. I ‘read’ it on my iPod. It was slow to start but then was entertaining. It’s about 3 different characters who live in the same county, but don’t know each other. It references a lot about the circle of life and how every creature effects the next one up the food chain. In the end, the characters end up having common links to each other. My quilt is a 12″ circle, representing the circle of life. The 3 partial circles represent the 3 characters and how they’re linked to one another. And the Luna moth is referenced a lot in the book. It’s a seemingly unimportant creature, but without it, many other creatures wouldn’t survive. I sprayed the moth heavily with starch and let it dry in the shape I wanted. I used paint and ink to get the detail of the moth. I still have to figure out how to make the little antennae. He may just have to be blind.

So, that’s it for now. I’m hoping tomorrow will be much more productive.


Comments on: "Chasing my tail" (2)

  1. ooooooo, I like this! I think that making a quilt to go along with a book is so very cool! I think you should use a light weight guage wire for the antena.

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!

  2. Jorja said:

    Carie, that’s an exqusite little piece! What kind is that pretty blue thread? I need to get me some of that. I like Lynn’s idea for the antenna too, you could put a seed bead on the end of each.

    And why isn’t it posted under The Final Product over on MQR???

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