Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I worked on getting an applique project prepared yesterday. It’s from a pattern in the book, “Applique Outside the Lines“. It’s cute and whimsy. The background fabric is a gorgeous hand dyed from Vicki Welsh. It’s lightly glued on, and ready for me to hand stitch down. I haven’t done a lot of applique, but I’ve wanted to. So this will be my first big piece, even though it’s not that big.  Now I’ve got to clean up this mess. I know, not much of a mess, but I like to keep things cleaned up and organized so when the urge comes over me to start a project, I’m ready to go.

I finished my brother’s portrait quilt. It’s the best one I’ve made yet and he loved it. It’s 7×17.I used Maria Elkins’ technique, which is fun and fairly easy.

This is the latest client quilt. It’s a lone star and it’s made with beautiful colors. I had a lot of space to play.

Today is really stormy and windy. Unfortunately, I’ve got to go out in it and run some errands. I’ll be bringing a friend along, so it will be a good day anyway. I’d better get moving, I’ve got a lot to get done! See ya.

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  1. The lone star quilting is beautiful! I love what you are doing with the gradient too!

    • carie said:

      Thank you Vicki, and thanks for such a beautiful piece of hand dyed fabric.

  2. TeresaL said:

    You do beautiful work.

    I really like how you chose to present your brother’s likeness in the portrait quilt (awkward wording, but I’m struggling to find the words to describe what I mean–hope it makes sense) :).

  3. TeresaL said:

    Carie, still trying to think of the right words to get across what I meant about the photo quilt. I like how the photo is cropped and how the artistic way it is presented makes the eyes sparkle and details ‘pop’ . I like it a lot.

  4. Awesome work girlfriend! You already know how gobsmacked I was about the portrait quilt. As for the applique piece, I WANNA DO THAT ONE SO BADLY! I love the fabrics you’ve used! Ahem…I’ll finish the one I’m working on before I move on to anything in that book. I solemnly swear.

    • carie said:

      Thanks my friend. How long do you think you can hold out? It’s going to be so purdy!

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