Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

Of course I had to make a portrait quilt of my fur-nephew, Henry. It’s made in a new color way, which I will be adding to my Etsy Shop soon. Cindy hasn’t seen it yet, she’s coming over today so I’ll show her then. It still needs to be quilted. I’m not going to be offering pet portraits anytime soon. My hand is still killing me from having so much detail to cut out. He’s quite handsome though, don’t you think?

I haven’t posted quilting pictures in a while. I have been quilting, as well as enjoying the spring days. This quilt had an Amish feel, we decided that adding the flower type design modernized it just a bit. The customer was very happy with how it turned out.

One of the blessings of quilting for others, is it stretches you out of your comfort zone every now and again. This quilt did just that. Not anything I would make, but it presented me with a challenge. I think it turned out pretty well.

Today Cindy and I are taking the “kids” for a little hike. My blue sky has disapeared behind some high clouds, but it’s not raining.

Enjoy your day.


Comments on: "I have been quilting" (5)

  1. beautiful work as always Carie! And I love the fur baby portrait!

  2. TeresaL said:

    Carie, it looks great! I wondered how difficult it would be to do the ‘boys’. After seeing all of your excellent work, I really want to dig out that portrait I began of DH and the instructions…..although it would be much (MUCH!) easier to send the photo and a check to you….. ;^) Heck, then I’d know it would get made…. LOL

    Have a wonderful hike with Cindy. It is foggy here but suppose to burn off later today.

  3. Great show! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Henry looks fabulous! I’m amazed at how you are turning these things out! Each one is better than the one before.

    Nice quilting on both quilts! You rock!

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