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I’m in love…

…In love with my new thread storage! I bought these two cabinets at IKEA. They’re called, “Attityd” They’re awesome! Now my thread will stay clean and organized and I gained some counter space for the tools I’m using on the current quilt. They’re on locking casters so I can move them easily if I need to. I love organization, and these are perfect for me. I even labeled the drawers, after I took these pics. And look what I did to the back side of them. I bought these stick on poppies at IKEA several years ago, but I haven’t been able to find just the right spot for them. Well, now I have, and they’re so colorful and fun. Did I mention that I LOVE these cabinets? I’m pretty easy to please! Now, I’ve got to get to work!


Comments on: "I’m in love…" (3)

  1. Looks great Carie! Love the poppies on it too.

  2. Oh man! Now I have poppy cabinet envy in the worst way!

  3. YEAH!!!!!! That looks fantastic. I got chills. I LOVE it too….. and the Poppies, WOW fun fun fun!

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