Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I love Portland

Cindy and I spent a few hours today walking around downtown Portland near Portland State University. I love Portland!

Comments on: "I love Portland" (2)

  1. Nice job! Great photos. I had a ball

  2. Good morning Carie, isn’t Portland a great city? I lived there for 20 years before we moved to Kalama.

    I have a query for you. You quilted a double sided quilt for me a few years ago, blocks and bars of Asian fabric on the backside and a blended nine patch on the front.

    I’m working on two duplicate tops right now, lots of seams 🙂 and I’m wondered if you’d care to tackle quilting this monster. I can baste it myself, if that works with your machine, or of course would be more than glad to help you get it lined up. There are some portion images of it on my January blog. I know I want spiral rings on the strippy blocks…It will probably be a good month before I’d have it ready. No is a perfectly acceptable answer! And I love your thread drawers, so delicious to open…

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