Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I’ve tried to post, but I keep getting distracted. I start it many times, then I can’t find the pictures, or I wanted to take a picture of something first…but where’s the camera. You get the idea. I started again this morning, but then I got to cleaning up all the photos that are taking up a lot of space on my computer… then I just ran out of time. So, here I am again, but this time I’m actually going to post something.

I’ve had the pleasure of quilting some beautiful quilts lately, well actually it’s most of the time, but these couple of quilts are very unusual for me. I got this machine embroidered “candlewicking” quilt. It scared me to death. What am I possibly going to do with this? It’s all white… very white, and really pretty. We decided that it didn’t need my quilting to make it beautiful, it already was. I wasn’t sure how I would go about stitching up to the millions of little knots, but it was actually easy peasy lemon squeasy. Here’s a few pics. It’s hard to take a picture of white. I was so pleased with how it turned out, and so was my customer.

Just recently, I finished this fun, whimsical Alice in Wonderland quilt. She will paint a face on the mad hatter, then add any quilting around those elements as is needed. I love quilting for her, she’s such an artist, and she appreciates my work. This isn’t a very big quilt, but as you can see, there’s a ton of stuff on it and a TON of work for me. It turned out great.

I keep plugging along, trying to stay focused. Business is great and I’m very fortunate.

Don’t forget, you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger. Thanks for stopping by.

Comments on: "I got distracted…" (5)

  1. These are both fabulous quilts, and I love your quilting! Even though you’d told me about both of them, they are far above what I expected! Bravo!

  2. Love them both…. always enjoy seeing your work!

  3. Beautiful quilts! Your Alice quilt is absolutely darling.

  4. Hi Carie! Robin’s Quilt Nest here.. I found your wonderful finished Alice in Wonderland quilt online! It is our Pattern and we would like to know if we may add it to our Website! Your color options are perfect, and the applique is so wonderful too. It was a true pleasure to see another one complete. Also, if you wish to give us some insight on the pattern, it would be helpful and appreciated. We have 2 new ones for you to peek at in case you are interested on our website. The Queen of Hearts and Falling Alice. Thank you in advance.

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