Longarm quilting and snippets of my life


Aren’t these beautiful! I certainly think so. These are the hand dyed fabrics I got from Vicki. They’re so gorgeous. This is what I’m planning on doing with them I’m going to use the Quiltsmart interfacing for the first time. The darkest color on the top of the pic is going to be the background. I’m really excited to start this, so I’m bringing my sewing machine camping with me this weekend. I know, it sounds kind of silly, bringing a sewing machine camping. But we don’t camp like we used to. For 5 days we will be along the Santiam River in our 5th wheel trailer with electricity. I’ll have the opportunity to sew if it rains, which is likely, and in the evenings. I can’t waste 5 whole days and not work on SOMETHING! My plan is to get it cut out today and ready to go. We’ll leave tomorrow, and by Wed when we head home, I’m hoping to have a good portion of the star done. I’m also bringing my Nook, knitting, a couple of quilts that need binding as well as sitting by the river, hiking and relaxing. All of those things are relaxing to me. I can’t just sit and do NOTHING.

Yesterday, I quilted the quilt I made for Cindy. It’s so darned cute! It’s for Lola, her motorhome. I can see that I’m into my purple/orange phase…what does that mean?

Comments on: "Gorgeous!" (4)

  1. Ann Schock said:

    Purple and orange? I don’t see a problem.

  2. OMG, those colors are soooooo yummy! Can’t wait to see how the Quiltsmart pattern works for you! Hurry up and get it done, will ya?

  3. p.s. LOVE Cindy’s quilt! How fun!

  4. I can’t wait to see that quilt finished! I’m thrilled that you are happy with the fabrics too.

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