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Guild challenge

This year’s guild challenge was to make something using only the colors on your randomly chosen paint strip. You could add white or black but not both, and no applique. This is what mine looked like.  Obviously my paint strip was pinks and I added black. I drafted it out using Renae’s Amazing Rays tool and mostly commercial fabrics, there may be a few hand dyed fabrics in there. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to challenge myself with this type of piecing and I loved the challenge of using one color. I didn’t win anything but it wasn’t about that anyway.

This is my current work in progress.   It will only be about 13″x20″ when it’s finished. I still need to quilt the background around the guitars and then I’m going to paint the guitars with Shiva Paintsticks. If it turns out, my plan is to attach it to a stretched canvas. The guitar pattern is from Robbi Joy Eklow’s book that I’ve had for several years. I was watching Quilting Arts on TV, and I saw where they painted over the quilting and it looked pretty cool. Of course I had to try it. So, I’ll continue to work on this as time allows. I’m getting ready to head out of town for the weekend to be at the coast, so that’s what I need to be doing today.

Stay tuned.


Comments on: "Guild challenge" (2)

  1. Love them both Carie! Renae’s rays rock…one of my most used drafting tools.

  2. Great projects!

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