Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

I got the quilting done on the Feathers quilt today. Quilted feather quilt  Quilted feather quilt close up There are still chalk lines that need to be washed out. I really love the effect the quilting gave to this quilt, and I changed colors as I moved through the different sections. I didn’t start out with a plan, but somehow it always comes to me. I’ve already attached the binding, and it’s ready for the hand sewing to the back. Now it’s time to clean up and load my next customer quilt. quilty mess I think this is my new favorite quilt. I used wool batting, so it will be nice and cozy.

Comments on: "The quilting is finished" (6)

  1. The colors are glorious!

  2. You are amazingly talented!

  3. Carie said:

    Thank you, I appreciate it.

  4. Gay Lassen said:

    Carie this is stunning. You are one very talented lady. By the way, it would really go well in my bedroom with my purple walls 🙂

  5. Carie said:

    Oh Gay, you’re so funny!

  6. As always, your quilt is gorgeous! I’m so glad you busted it out and love it!

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