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Adding texture

Part of what I love about quilting, is the texture added to the quilt and how the quilt changes because of it. I recently finished this flower applique quilt for a client, with lots of white negative space. Flower applique This gave me great space to add texture. The applique is beautiful and well done, and my job was to enhance it. I quilted a fairly dense background fill around the applique texture quilting This made the applique stand out. The next task was to fill those giant blank corners. I love to quilt feathers, and this gave me the perfect place to play corner design (2) I marked 2″ from the edges and filled that space with freehand feathers. To make those pop, I quilted densely with freehand lines. close  up I wanted this to feel more organic so the lines were quilted without using a ruler. I really like the overall effect of it all. In the end it’s about the client being happy, and she was.

Right now I’m quilting a pantograph on a very colorful quilt. You can see it on my Facebook page. It was a perfect quilt to be quilting on this dark stormy day. I love the colors, the brightness, the design. I guess you could say I love the whole thing. The pantograph is Lorien’s “Arabesque.


Here’s a few recent finishes

I recently finished this cute pansy quilt for a customer. Pansy quilt 008 a I love the colors, and all those cute little pansies around the outside…so cute! Pansy quilt 011a  The center basket had these beautiful pansies made from ribbons. Pansy quilt basket a I enjoy doing feathers Pansy quilt 012a The customer was very happy with how this turned out, and so am I.  After doing some custom work, I like to do some easier quilting. It gives my body and mind a break. This is a really cute little girl’s quilt that my customer made for her granddaughter. Quilts 016 Bubbles panto I quilted it with a pantograph called “Bubbles”.  She also made a very similar quilt for her grandson that I just finished with the same panto.

Guitar piece finished

It’s even hung on the wall already! I like the way it turned out. I decided to make a 1/8″ binding instead of trying to do just piping. I wanted it to lay flat on the canvas and I was afraid that if I tried for a piped edge it would’ve been bulky. I just wanted that tiny bit of turquoise around the edge. This worked out fine. I glued it to the canvas after the black paint was dry. It’s different, but lots of fun. The quilt finished at 12×18 and it’s mounted on a 18×24 canvas.

I finished quilting a customer quilt today that was a lot of fun to play on. The back is pretty cool too.


Guild challenge

This year’s guild challenge was to make something using only the colors on your randomly chosen paint strip. You could add white or black but not both, and no applique. This is what mine looked like.  Obviously my paint strip was pinks and I added black. I drafted it out using Renae’s Amazing Rays tool and mostly commercial fabrics, there may be a few hand dyed fabrics in there. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to challenge myself with this type of piecing and I loved the challenge of using one color. I didn’t win anything but it wasn’t about that anyway.

This is my current work in progress.   It will only be about 13″x20″ when it’s finished. I still need to quilt the background around the guitars and then I’m going to paint the guitars with Shiva Paintsticks. If it turns out, my plan is to attach it to a stretched canvas. The guitar pattern is from Robbi Joy Eklow’s book that I’ve had for several years. I was watching Quilting Arts on TV, and I saw where they painted over the quilting and it looked pretty cool. Of course I had to try it. So, I’ll continue to work on this as time allows. I’m getting ready to head out of town for the weekend to be at the coast, so that’s what I need to be doing today.

Stay tuned.

Here’s a bright one

This is a customer quilt for someone who’s not afraid of color.  She says that her house is orange with a green roof, she lives on a floating home. That backing fabric was beautiful and bright but it came out faded in the pictures.

I’ve got one of my own quilts on my machine to do next. I’ll get started today, after I go to Les Schwab to get our truck tires fixed. Oh fun! Maybe I’ll have to drop by the quilt shop….

I’d better get going.

I’m having fun with feathers today. I’m working on a customer quilt and she wanted feathers. Here’s a peek at one corner.  Those white lines will be steamed off with my iron when I’m done with the quilt. I’ve enjoyed it, and I think the planets must be aligned just right because everything is going well, both with the designs and my machine. It’s been a good quilting day.

Tomorrow my husband, my sister, and I are going to Seattle to attend Quiltfest. I’m honored to have a quilt shown there and it’s always a good show. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend attending. 

Well, So You Think You Can Dance ended last night. It was such an awesome season. Joshua won, but it was a close call in my book. You can see one of the dances he did with Katee, ( the other dancer I thought might win). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01xxK7MnFgM  Keep in mind, he’s not a trained dancer. I’ll miss the show until next time.

Have a good weekend.

July 9

I’ve been stitching away on my next customer quilt. The fabric isn’t really very attractive as far as color, but it’s got great designs to use as quilting designs…someday.   

I have had a mascot with me at all times. Since I’ve been home everyday, my buddy Rex, hasn’t left my side. He was sleeping, with his tongue out, but he woke up just as I was taking this picture

Cindy, my sister, is going to come over tonight to watch “So You Think You Can Dance“. Have you been watching? Who’s your favorite guy and/or girl?  I’m really liking Kherington, Chelsie, Joshua and Twitch.  The others are great too, but I think these are my favorites….right now anyway.