Longarm quilting and snippets of my life

Marble a This is my latest piece titled, “Losing my marbles”. I made it for a guild challenge. We were given a random candy and were to make something using that candy as inspiration. I was lucky and got this package of M&M’s Marble d. When I poured them out, they rolled around like marbles. That gave me the inspiration. I used the color of the wrapper for my hand dyed background fabric. I then marbled some fabric for the marbles. I made those in gradating sizes to hopefully give the illusion of the marbles pouring out. The marbling was done with fabric ink and shaving cream. Marble b You can see what I did on the Dharma Trading website. This link shows the product I used and the technique.

I hand appliqued the circles using an extra layer of batting to give them more definition. It was a fun project to work on and I have it hanging in my studio. Marble c


Comments on: "Losing my marbles" (2)

  1. I really like it, Carie! It was fun to follow this piece from conception to completion. I think you did a great job in making the marbles appear to be pouring forward, not only in size, but also in the saturation of color as the marbles get bigger. Well done!

  2. Gay Lassen said:

    What a fun quilt. You have an amazing imagination and do such incredible work. You should be very proud!

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