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A new project

I started working on my next project. I’m going to make this pattern 20140225_140322 Prism by Zen Chic. Look at all that wonderful quilting space! I got it as a downloadable pattern from Pink Chalk Fabrics. This pattern only needs 1 layer cake, so I ordered Botanics from Fat Quarter Shop. I want this quilt for my guest room, so I want it to be a bit sophisticated (just a little) and gender neutral. There’s a couple of pieces in the layer cake that I didn’t like, but I was able to replace those. This is what my pallet looks like 20140225_140923 There were a few things that I wasn’t crazy about with this pattern. This is a paper pieced pattern, and the blocks are around 9 1/2″. This means for each block, you have to print 2 parts (paper is only 8 1/2″). With 44 blocks, this was 88 pieces of paper being printed. That’s a LOT for such a simple pattern. Anyone who knows me knows I hate to waste.  But I sucked it up, and moved on.  I trimmed the extra paper before I taped each block together 20140225_135903  To get the pieces to line up properly, I use a light under my acrylic extension as a light box. 20140225_140123 This pattern also calls for using a template to cut the shapes. I feel that this makes for too much fabric waste (again with the waste!).  20140225_140522 Look at all that unused fabric! Don’t worry, I’m saving the bigger pieces. I’ll find some way to use it. 20140225_141947  I put a piece of double-stick tape on the back of the template to hold it in place and I was able to easily cut 6 layers (a fresh blade made this easier). 20140225_141924 I used my cutting ruler to make it easy to cut with my rotary cutter and not cut into the template plastic. 20140225_141716 I didn’t get very far with the cutting yesterday. So I hope I can squeeze some time today to get more of that done. The piecing will be pretty simple and straight forward. I really like the design of the quilt, and I look forward to seeing this all come together.

Next up for quilting is a Quilt of Valor. I’ve been quilting quilts for this organization for over 8 years. I’m fortunate to work with a woman in the Portland area, who makes nice tops. I’ll share pictures when that’s done.